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An integrated approach
for real results

Producing consistent, growing income and a reliable source of profits—these are two of the main financial objectives for both residential and commercial landlords and developers. But for most property owners, achieving those goals and maximizing returns on investment for the property in their portfolios is a major challenge that requires more than just a series of smart real estate purchases. That’s where we come in. G&S Group of Companies is one of Canada’s leading real estate management and development firms, providing comprehensive insights and services to residential and commercial property owners since 1982.

What sets us apart from other property-management firms? Simply put, we’re passionate about overcoming virtually any portfolio management challenge our clients may face.

Our unique Integrated Real Estate Model delivers everything from cutting-edge tenant satisfaction programs and capital improvement assessments, to building maintenance logistics management, project financing and real estate development. As our longevity proves, our family-run business excels at delivering the performance results property owners need to succeed. So, what are you waiting for? Take the time to learn more about how the G&S Group of Companies can drive dramatic improvements in the performance of your property portfolio.