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Condominium Management

We offer worry-free management services designed to deliver consistent, stable condo operating budgets and reliable on-site maintenance to residential condominiums developed either by G&S Group of Companies or third-party developers.

Our management team is dedicated to meeting the needs of all residents, while working with condominium boards of directors to innovate and improve lifestyle quality within condominium communities. This translates into improved services, lower costs and at—or below—budget performance.

Most importantly, our team is equipped to handle any condo management need by leveraging G&S Group’s Integrated Real Estate Model including:


Site Management

We offer a full suite of services to manage all on-site condominium requirements ensuring that key features such as common elements are well-maintained to maximize their lifespan, while helping to create the type of community that improves property values. Our on-site management teams re-evaluate service contracts on a regular basis to ensure that contractors are meeting their obligations— then recommend their re-tendering to other qualified, licensed and fully-insured contractors when we see opportunities to improve those services and reduce costs. Our goal is to balance the need to provide affordability, while delivering the utmost value to property owners.

In addition to contractor supervision, our management team will closely supervise all on-site and live-in staff to ensure that standards are exceeded. In conjunction with a team of professionals, we manage reserve fund expenditures to ensure jobs are performed right the first time, and at the best price. Our property managers will inspect sites regularly, and then promptly report any issues or deficiencies. This commitment to on-site excellence ensures our properties are well-maintained, safe and secure for all residents.

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legal and governance

We work diligently to educate and guide new condo board members, ensure that Annual General Meetings are held within the prescribed time frame, prepare annual budgets well before the end of the fiscal year, prepare the condo community for board elections and ensure that status certificates are consistent and accurate. Our goal is to ensure that each condo corporation adheres to its legal obligations under the Condominium Act—all while understanding that condo communities are more than legal entities, they’re places for people to live, thrive and grow. With that in mind, we deal with legal matters diligently, sensitively and respectfully to satisfy the needs of both residents and property owners.

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I Love my Job

Administration and HR

Our property managers utilize unique systems to stay a step ahead of the key issues impacting the financial and lifestyle performance of your condominium corporation. We evaluate and supervise contractors on an ongoing basis to ensure that they consistently deliver the best value and service to the condominium property. All of our managers are either pursuing or have achieved their R.C.M. designation from the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario, which offers the insight and expertise they need to prepare and present detailed management reports to your board of directors. In addition, our customized accounting systems are designed to provide comprehensive financial and administrative services ranging from payroll processing to owner tracking and unit document management.

We also believe that communication is about more than the enforcement of rules and regulations, issuing notices or writing letters. It’s about opening doors and having conversations. That’s why we work hard to ensure we listen to client concerns and solicit suggestions from residents on ways to improve properties and introduce events or programs to strengthen or reinforce a shared sense of community.

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