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With decades of experience breathing new life into aging properties or building exciting new ones, G&S Group of Companies’ Integrated Real Estate Model provides insights and services tailor-made to suit the diverse needs of our clients, partners and tenants.

Our team has the experience and expertise to manage a wide range of real estate management and development requirements. That could mean repositioning a tired rental property in an effort to improve its appeal to target tenants and maximize its revenue-generating potential—typically by implementing lifestyle improvement initiatives such as our Resident Action Line or Tenant Satisfaction Program as we did when reimagining an aging apartment block in Toronto’s St. James Town as Wellesley Parliament Square—or converting a rental property such as Ottawa’s Redwood Residences and positioning it for resale through extensive renovation, rebranding and remarketing. It could also involve intensifying the development of a property—as was the case with our recent Alta Vista On the Park intensification project—or developing unused land through the construction of high- and low-rise residential condominiums, low-rise garden homes or stacked townhouses in one of our dynamic developments such as Qualicum Woods Crossing in Ottawa.

No matter the requirement, we’re committed to providing the highest quality property management and development services, all while optimizing operating costs and maximizing property values.

Redwood Residences

Redwood Residences


Our team was faced with the challenge of converting the 30-year-old Redwood Residences complex into a highly marketable and appealing development for young, up-and-coming professionals in the Ottawa area. We implemented our comprehensive Project-Management Process to manage the four-phase conversion over a 10-year span. As a result, we produced a total of 650 appealing houses and townhomes that reinvigorated the neighbourhood and maximized the value of an otherwise underperforming property.

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St. James W.P. Square Residences

St. James W.P. Square


Our team set out to find innovative new ways to rebrand and market several of the apartment blocks G&S Group of Companies’ co-owns and manages in Toronto’s St. James Town neighbourhood. As such, we proposed a complete repositioning of the apartment blocks as Wellesley Parliament Square and introduced several of our key asset improvement initiatives of such as our Resident Action Line, Tenant Satisfaction Program and Rental Retention Program. The initiative reduced tenant turnover rates substantially, improved tenant satisfaction scores and increased overall rental revenue.

Repositioning Images Repositioning Images Repositioning Images

Playfair Community

Playfair Community


Our team intensified an existing development in Ottawa’s exclusive Alta Vista neighbourhood with the aim of appealing to local residents interested in downsizing their homes. Our project management team initiated a full-scale analysis of the most efficient use of the site, then developed a plan to secure its rezoning and intensify its development. As a result, we are developing a beautifully integrated, master-planned community—featuring three 14-storey condo towers housing 480 condo units, as well as two existing 14-storey rental apartment buildings housing 433 apartment units (more than doubling the number of available units)—that leverages a lush park setting to boost the development’s marketing appeal and maximize property values.

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Ottawa - QWC

Ottawa - QWC

Land Development

For the Qualicum Woods Crossing project, our team endeavored to build a master-planned community in the heart of one of Ottawa’s west-end districts, while preserving the area’s small-town atmosphere. We designed a master-planned community consisting of six four-storey buildings housing 400 condo units and boasting cutting-edge indoor and outdoor amenities, while focusing on the neighbourhood’s sustainability and lifestyle appeal. With construction to commence in summer 2013, sales of the new units have already been brisk.

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